Codie website solution

Codie website solution


Try Codie on the Web in your business website. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional customer support chatbots with the CodieWebsite solution.

Think about how impressive it is that your customer can talk and interact with your website like they are in your physical store! They can ask and get any assistance about your products and services.
It could be integrated into your existing website.
Our team could train CodieWeb based on your requirements. Share your idea about any potential of CodieWeb with our team.

Immerse your customers in a human-like interaction for a seamless and effective experience. Tailor the solution to fit your business needs and stand out from the competition.

In the past, businesses used chatbots to provide customer support on their websites, but these solutions were limited in their capabilities and often resulted in poor customer satisfaction.Based on a survey, 68% of customers didn’t like to use chatbots as they think it is useless but 77% liked the answers provided by Codie, and even 63% of them were surprised by Codie’s intelligence.
Research shows that while 68% of customers dislike using chatbots because they find them useless, 77% of those who interacted with Codie liked the responses they received, and 63% were even astonished by Codie’s intelligence.
CodieWebsite’s solution goes beyond the limitations of traditional chatbots and provides real-time support and assistance to customers and it is the perfect solution for businesses looking to enhance their customer service and drive business outcomes and provide customers with personalized assistance, answer their questions, and even provide useful recommendations.

In addition to its ability to guide customers and provide personalized recommendations, our CodieWebsite solution is equipped with advanced analytics capabilities. This means you can track customer interactions, monitor performance metrics, and identify areas for improvement in real-time. Furthermore, it’s customizable and can be integrated with your existing systems, making it easy to use and adapt to your specific needs.