Empowering Health with AI

Cognitive Knowledge in Longevity

Generative and Cognitive AI Partnering with Humans to Cultivate a Cognitive Knowledge Base for Complex Fields such as Longevity Science

What is Cognitive Knowledge?

A cognitive knowledge base is a repository of information that is structured and organized in a way that mimics human cognition


Connect all Data

Integrates structured and unstructured data from various sources

Ontology Graph

Representation of the concepts, entities, properties, relationships and identify patterns within data

Inference Engine

Performing logical deductions and reasoning to derive new insights, make decisions, and solve complex problems

AI Copilot

Interactive Interface Leveraging Cognitive Knowledge for Recommendations with Data Referencing

Why Codie Cognitive Knowledge?

Codie overcomes the perceived limitations of knowledge graphs and gives you all the

capabilities and flexibility that complex, enterprise-scale solutions need.


Future-proof performance for today's projects and tomorrow's possibilities.


Simplify and accelerate knowledge graph development and adoption.


A proven solution. An experienced partner.


Change and adapt on the fly with minimal impact.


Others lock you in, Codie sets you free.

What is our features?

Al Copilot Knowledge Graph

Our AI Co-Pilot Knowledge Graph provides instant, accurate answers through intuitive conversation, enabling informed decisions on the fly.



Transforming Data Streams into Streams of Knowledge.

Unearth insights that lay concealed. Ignite comprehensive analytics. Tackle challenging queries that arise unexpectedly

Provide outcomes that shift the balance

Data Fabric

Answer any question

Codie enhances your data infrastructure, enabling seamless access to essential data from any enterprise system, facilitating the generation of significant insights and the ability to respond to impromptu questions effectively.

Metadata Management

Convert data into value

Codie streamlines the way you handle metadata, knitting together various data sources and outlining their interconnections. This gives users the freedom to access, navigate, and merge data in countless ways, unlocking new opportunities and value.


Discover Deeper Insights

Transform isolated data into a comprehensive enterprise knowledge graph to reveal hidden connections. The resulting analytics empower you to unearth previously unseen insights and maximize the full potential of your data resources.

Ontology Management

Enhance Your Data’s Intelligence

Leverage semantic ontology to enrich your data with precise, meaningful terminology. This foundation prepares your knowledge graph to support more informed and intelligent business choices.

AI Copilot

Realize Tangible Benefits from AI

Our platform delivers the comprehensive data integration and harmonization essential for AI and machine learning models. With enhanced traceability, you gain the necessary context and clarity, empowering you to make AI-driven business decisions with assurance.

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